Look for the carburetor adjustment screws either near the air filter or under the spark plug.

Check the fuel, impulse lines for cracks.

FH. Sep 29, 2016 · Adjust this screw too rich and the chainsaw will blubber, too lean and it will over rev.


Engage your saw's chain brake and start its motor.

STIHL corte: Siempre limpie el polvo y la tierra de la no recomienda usar la herramienta Apague el motor. . WARNING Never modify this power tool in any way.

Engine Stihl 4180 Series Manual.

. Contents. Insert the cap in the fuel tank opening with the.

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View and Download Stihl HL-KM instruction manual online. Nov 8, 2010 · class=" fc-falcon">First check your settings, particularly the L & LA.

. to 1 turn in the same direction.

If your trimmer’s engine stalls when idling, adjust its idle speed bolt clockwise.
(versiones K) no deben utilizarse para STIHL FS 85 R, FS 90 R, – cortar a nivel del suelo.

Put it back in place and swap out the muffler cover.

Ideal for trimming hedges and bushes, the HL 94 has a 145° cutting head that folds flat for easy storage.

. Stihl HL Extended Reach Hedge Trimmers; Stihl HL100, HL100K Extended Reach Hedge Trimmer Parts; Back. .

At STIHL, you will find various accessories, such as catcher plates, tip protectors, carry bags and RTS Super Harnesses for your hedge trimmers, long-reach or otherwise. do not use your unit with incorrect idle adjustment. . . .

top of the cap until it is.

Check the intake manifold for rips/cracks. The container should be kept tightly closed in order to limit the amount of moisture that gets into the mixture.

If it stihl spins at "idle" then you might have one of two problems generally; 1) air leak or 2) weak clutch springs (if idle is correct).




Behind the muffler, remove the spark arrestor screen, and use an old toothbrush to clean it.